Bathroom Materials: It's Easy To Slip Up!

One of the biggest traps is your flat surfaces, above and below. First of all you want to rule out wood on bathroom floors altogether to avoid potential warping and mold from any moisture that gets in there. As a result of that advice, a lot of people ask for polished marble or other smooth stone for their bathroom floors. But even a little shower water or sink spillover can make the floor slippery or even hazardous. We usually suggest granite, slate, or textured tile. We’ve found smaller tiles or mosaics work well and are effective at eliminating slipping and sliding. Porous floor tiles can also have sealant applied for maximum protection.

Now for countertops, vanities, and sink tops, it’s actually the opposite. Composite and original honed stone and other permeable countertops have been popular for a while in kitchens, but they’re very problematic in bathrooms. Make-up residue or hair dyes can really stain those honed and porous surfaces. If dark materials like excess mascara, eyeliner and powdered cosmetics come in contact with the light colors of stone surfaces then you’re looking at permanent stains just waiting to happen. Any stone, marble, or man-made countertop is subject to staining and chipping. But in our experience the granites and some of the man-made products hold up better than the softer marbles. The better man-made products are Caesar Stone and Silestone. We suggest avoiding white man-made products because they are more likely to stain. So for bathroom countertops and vanities you should go with polished granite or some of the great man-made polished stones out there, which wipe clean very easily. If you choose the right materials, they’ll not only keep that fresh clean look for your own esthetic pleasure but you’ll maximize the impression the bathroom makes if you ever need to show/sell your home.

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